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Welcome to the Blessed Abundance Ministry Homepage!

Hi, we are so glad you came to visit our site. Our Ministry is once again located in sunny California, with fond memories of our time in Denver, Colorado. We would like to know you better so send us any comments, and information about you, and your family, and where are you located? So that we may know you better. Send to carol@ba1.org .

We hope you enjoy our site and tell your friends—and, everyone please sign our guest book!

Our ministry is dedicated to helping others have an awesome loving respect for our Heavenly Father, a deeper, more powerful intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, and daily submission to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came in love, and generated the power and authority to set us free from bondage. We re-present Him in taking dominion over evil until He returns!

Please visit our bulletin board……thanks for coming!

A great Mentor taught that we should always invest in the things that we believe in and are encouraged by! It takes money to continue Ministry and we gratefully accept your tax deductible participation! We believe God will generously bless you for your gift!